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John Pratt "Turn The Page"
Charley Langer "Never The Same"
Gregg Rolie Band "Rain Dance"
Gregg Rolie "Roots"
WCR "Rock The World"
Richie Sambora Live Concert Recording from European Tour - Recorded at The Paradiso, Amsterdam, Holland
Foreigner Various Tracks for Untitled CD - Recorded at The Studio at Linden Oaks, Rochester, NY
The Storm "Eye of The Storm"
David Lee Roth "Night Life" (Limited Edition CD)
Cher "Greatest Hits 1965-1992"
Ronn Moss "I'm Your Man"
David Glen Eisley "Stranger From The Past"
Dave Meniketti "On The Blue Side"
Majic Ship "The Complete Authorized Recordings"
Majic Ship "Songwaves Project"
Fergie Frederiksen "Equilibrium"
Rocket Ritchotte "Salute"
Firefly "Where You Gonna Run"
Firefly "After The Fire"
Firefly "Automatic"
Loren Gold "Keys"
Tamara Champlin "You Won't Get To Heaven Alive"
Harlan Cage "Forbidden Colors"
Julie Morrow "Guide Me"
Julie Morrow "Believe"
Julie Morrow Various Tracks
Craig Goldy "Hidden In Plain Sight"
Joe Penny Various Tracks
Mercedes/Bruce Gowdy Untitled CD
Rainey Lewis/Rocket Ritchotte Untitled CD
Doc Tahri "1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8"
Jane Booke "Jane Booke"
Midnight Fiction "Lady From Mars"
Ransom "Trouble In Paradise"
St. Clair "St. Clair"
Mark Anderson "No Easy Way Out"
Big Signal Various Tracks
Drew Neumann Various Tracks for Nickelodeon TV Shows (The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy and The Wild Thornberry's)
Jesse Harms "The Best of What I've Got"
Dave Odegaard "Gravity"
Bill Champlin Various Tracks
Jagged Moon Various Tracks
Once Bitten Soundtrack Album for MCA Motion Picture featuring Jim Carrey and Lauren Hutton
Mystery Date Soundtrack for Orion Pictures Motion Picture featuring Ethan Hawke and Teri Polo.
Network Music Compilation Album
Adrian Gurvitz/Jesse Harms Various Tracks

Various other recordings including Jingles, Soundtracks etc.